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Missing treenodes in Options/Preferences Editor

If you were running a previous version of TrueView, you may find tree nodes missing in the Preferences Editor. The fix is to remove  the old user settings.  Open this folder in Windows Explorer:   C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Evolving_Software_Ltd\ And remove all folders for the application that is affected.

TrueView Release 1.2.0905.02 – Maintenance release (plus a few extras)

The latest maintanance release fixes some glaring errors (sorry!). The UI has also been updated for better usability – and now supports dynamic drop-down lists using IQuerySpecification.  Read the user guide to learn more. Enhancements: Moved MDI window toolbar to top (tab-like appearance) MDI window ‘tabs’ now toggle normal/maximised window state Added

The BBC uses Domain Driven Design

A little late , but still relevant… Michael Smethurst (Information Architect at the BBC) describes how DDD is used to make websites.

The reality of UI mock-ups and DDD

Casey Charlton is writing a sample application using DDD.  His first step was to create a UI mock-up to reflect a user story “What’s so bad about that?” I hear you cry.  Well, here’s the problem: UI prototyping is great for defining how a person is going to solve a business problem. 

Press release – “TrueView for .NET” keeps software focused on business concepts, slashes development times.

Cheltenham, UK, 10/03/2009 Evolving Software releases an update of “TrueView for .NET”, a framework for rapidly designing and creating business applications for Microsoft .NET. TrueView helps .NET Developers and Business Experts share business knowledge, design interactive prototypes, and create flexible applications. Software teams use Domain Driven Design (an established technique for designing


Casey Charlton started a mini-series on DDD a little while back. Now he’s created DDD Step by Step: … This site is intended to  consolidate some of the disparate information on the web regarding Domain Driven Design… Definitely one to bookmark.

TrueView Release 1.2.0903.01 – Improved user experience

Thanks for all you comments. This release is based on your feedback, so please keep sending your comments. Download the latest version here. Enhancements: Added PropertyGrid editor for unknown types (e.g. structs) Root entities can no longer be explored Top level nodes in Class Library treeview are now consolidated “Enter” now creates

TrueView Release 1.2.0901.05 – Upgraded to Nhibernate 2.0

Happy New Year! We’re starting the year with a new release. BREAKING CHANGES Upgraded to NHibernate 2.0.1GA (with breaking changes) Added InnerList property to IEntityList Changed NHibernate namespace to NH Removed EntityListAttribute.IListField Enhancements: ValueObject now implements IValueObject AccessDetails now implements IValueObject Copy operations use a different colour when dragging primitives/ValueObjects MyApplication.Save only