Domain Modeller by TrueView

Trueview domain entity codeSimple to code, quick to demo

TrueView Domain Modeller is used for exploring Business Domains and creating rapid prototypes using Domain Driven Design.

  • Work with your Domain Experts to understand business entities, relationships and the business’ ubiquitous language.
  • Write POCO-style classes using .NET and the TrueView framework
  • Demo interactive prototypes to your Domain Experts to get instant feedback. Test and refine until your team is confident.

You can also preview database schemas and mapping files using the included TrueView DataBridge utility.

Want to convert your prototypes into complete multi-user desktop applications? Then you need TrueView Agile Developer.

Features at a glance

  • Supports C# and VB.NET
  • Write POCO-style entity classes
  • Use declarative attributes to provide behaviour
  • Accelerate the design and feedback cycle
  • Automatic UI rendering
  • Customisable UIs
  • Flexible query editor
  • Online help directly from code comments
  • Visible activity trail