Evolving Software

TrueView Release 1.04.0811.09

Download the latest version here. Enhancements: Updated algorithm for identifying property backing fields Added support for saving multiple entities in a single transaction Fixes: EntityLinker now handles relationships for super classes Corrected relationship tracking when using EntityLinker Corrected scope of internal members

TrueView Release 1.04.0810.27 – Factory and Repository support

There are lots of questions in the DDD community about Factories and Repositories.  TrueView now supports these concepts in a nicely decoupled way.  Learn more in the user guide. Enhancements: Added support for Entity factories using IFactory<T> Added support for Entity repositories using IRepository<T> EntityLinker now uses IEntity instead of Entity Added

Release 1.02.0808.25 – Value Object support

Added support for ValueObjects, as well as various bug fixes and enhancements.  Download it here. Enhancements: Added Evolving.TrueView.Domain.ValueObject to support “Value Objects” Added better exception messages when adding and creating entities within lists EntityList TreeNodes are now sorted by Summary value Added icons to Query Dialog buttons EntityAttribute.RelationShipType is no longer enforced

Release 1.02.0806.17 – Introducing the EntityLinker

Writing scaffolding code to manage relationships can be quite tedious, so the EntityLinker was born.  The EntityLinker resolves and updates relationships automatically – and is more intention revealing.  Learn more about it in the user guide. BREAKING CHANGES: AddItem and RemoveItem delegates are now available in IEntityList Changed IEntityList interface Enhancements: Added

Release 1.01.0806.08

Various updates and fixes in this release. Download it here. Enhancements: Added better clipboard text formatting Lazy-loading may now access a property’s backing field directly Added ‘IsGeneratedByPersistenceStore’ to PropertyAttribute Added ‘hover button’ for file dialog editor Added colour flash in System Messages view Class library now uses large icons depending on the

Release 1.0.0805.18

Download it here. Enhancements: Properties dialog now handles null AccessDetails OnBeforeSave() now returns a boolean Refresh() doesn’t lose new or removed entities from lists (better usability) Updated icons Fixes: UI update no longer fails if the dynamic cache is modified partway through Corrections in Reload command Corrected dirty status for transient entities

Support ends for Visual Basic 6

Microsoft officially ended support for Visual Basic 6 this month. This is a massive blow to any organisation still running their business using legacy applications. Now might be a good time to start afresh, and replace those applications using Domain Driven Design and TrueView.