Evolving Software

Upgrade from Windows 7 beta/RC to Windows 7 RTM

Finally got around to upgrading to Windows 7 RTM, only to be greeted with the following: You cannot upgrade this prerelease version of Windows 7. Go online to see how to install Windows 7 and keep your files and settings A quick Google found these instructions.   Should save you the hassle of

TrueView Maintenance Release 1.3.0908.21

The latest release has some UI fixes for TrueView, and mapping fixes for DataBridge.  Download it here. TrueView Fixes UI now shows changes if entities are modified inside constructors Corrected treenode selection when removing a previously selected node Fixed race condition when opening Entity property nodes Entity Property treenode no longer renders

Multi-monitor support and popup Search Queries

The latest release includes 2 very useful UI features: Multi-monitor support This option is specially useful when you’re demoing to others, and can be enabled from Tools->Options->UI Settings->Allow MultiMonitor Use. All subsequent windows will open outside of the Workbench, allowing them to be dragged to other monitors. Popup Search Dialogs Although drag

TrueView Release 1.3.0908.09 – ServiceLocator and Dependency Injection

The latest release adds Dependency Injection to the mix.  The default behaviour uses a simple Service Locator, but you can inject your own dependencies as you wish.  See the user guide for more info. BREAKING CHANGES: The following interfaces now implement IServiceDependent: IEntity IFactory IRepository IService Enhancements Added MyApplication.ServiceLocator (for locating Factory/Repository/Service

Eric Evans: “What I’ve learned about DDD since the book”

Eric Evans talks about the most essential parts of his book, having practiced it over the last 5 years. One of the topics that caught my attention was Exploration and Experimentation (3m 25s into the video).  Evans suggests that teams should be exploring & experimenting even after a useful domain model is

Eric Evans: Why do efforts to replace legacy systems fail?

Gojko Adzic has an interesting piece by Eric Evans about replacing legacy systems. In summary, focus on the core domain – the part of the software that brings competitive advantage to the business – and use an anti-corruption layer to interface with the old system.

Tips for Domain Driven Design and TrueView

Here are some tips for DDD newbies.  It’s easy to fall back to doing ‘what you know best’, so use these tips to stay focused. Hopefully your design skills will get better (and faster) as a result. Don’t start with the User Interface Instead of asking “How will the user solve this

When should you use a Value Object?

Whilst in the middle of writing about “Entities vs Value Objects“  I discovered this post by Dylan Beattie. I’ve observed that a lot of DDD newbies get hung up on Value Objects, persistence, how to normalise the database, and other implementation concerns. Value Objects stem from the actual domain problem, not from 

TrueView Release 1.2.0905.22 – Maintenance release, performance improvements

This release has some major UI rendering improvements, and a couple of enhancements to aid usability. TrueView DataBridge also has a couple of small fixes.  Download them here Enhancements: Drag/drop tip now explains the drop action Drag/drop tip now tries to stay on-screen, regardless of curson position Now allows new entities to