Agile Development, Ultra-flexible Apps

Trueview flexible uiTrueView Agile Developer can turn your prototypes into rich desktop applications complete with data and security capabilities. You focus on writing domain entity classes, while TrueView handles the UI, data access, security, and auditing.

  • Focus on writing entity classes, defining relationships, and associated business logic
  • Demo your prototypes to your Domain Experts, get feedback, and refine your designs.
  • Add database access and security when your model is ready.

You can generate database schemas and mapping files for your applications using the included TrueView DataBridge utility.

Finally, secure your applications using Microsoft Active Directory® and TrueView Enforcer.

Features at a glance

Complements Agile development
Use simple POCO-style Entity classes
Accelerate development and maintenance
Ideal for Power Users and Problem Solvers
Supports C# and VB.NET
Customisable UIs
Online help directly from code comments
Add Data persistence and Security afterwards

* Active Directory integration & Role Based Access Control requires TrueView Enforcer (purchased separately)