Evolving Software FAQ

“What can Evolving Software do for my business?”

We provide custom business applications that combine the best features of commercial desktop applications, but designed for your business.

Using our proprietary TrueView™ framework, we can deliver solutions in less time than otherwise known.

“What is your unique proposition?”

Our solutions are quicker to build, easier to maintain, and designed to empower your users.

This is only possible because of our TrueView™ framework. We created TrueView™ so that we could remain focused on what is important – solving your business problem.

We believe that a combination of TrueView™ and our fresh, contemporary approach separates us from the crowd.

“Has this approach been used elsewhere?”

TrueView™ is based on the Naked Objects Architectural Pattern, which is gaining more and more traction.

In 2001, Ireland’s “Department of Social and Family Affairs” (DSFA) committed to using the Naked Objects Pattern for their enterprise systems. Two mission critical systems have already been deployed using their own proprietary framework.

In 2007, IBM Ireland commenced a major project for the “Department of Justice” using the Naked Objects Pattern.

We completely subscribe to the principals of the Naked Objects Pattern, and TrueView™ is our commitment to it.

“My business is quite complex. Will your proposition work here?”

Typically a short discovery phase will determine whether our solution will be suitable. We will build a small prototype and use it to test various business scenarios. The results will then indicate whether the final solution will be viable.

So the answer to the question is “Let’s find out!”. Contact us to find out more.

“My business is not very complex. Can you still help?”

Absolutely. We take the same approach for all types of projects: prototype, test, decide, then develop.

Contact us to find out more.

Ever changing requirements

Traditional applications aren’t good at coping with change.

Our applications are designed to flex as your business grows and evolves.

Find out how

Regulations and Compliance

Spreadsheets and unmanaged applications pose a security risk for many organisations.

Little control over ownership and quality can be a direct violation of regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley or the FSA.

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