TrueView V2 has some significant changes since the last version.  You can download the beta and code sample here.

POCO support

TrueView now supports POCO classes, that don’t need to be inherited or marked up with attributes. Now you can re-use your POCO assemblies in other applications, and remove the dependency on the TrueView framework.

To make your POCO classes viewable in the UI, add the following property:

    public Guid ID { get; set; }

To make your classes persistable, add a Version property:

    public long Version { get; set; }

Domain Class enhancements

  • Domain Classes no longer need to be marked with attributes
  • Optional Configuration classes can decouple Domain Objects from the TrueView framework
  • Better support for structs

Infrastructure Class enhancements

  • Infrastructure classes are now decoupled from Domain Classes.
  • IPersistenceInfrastructureService is now exposed, allowing custom Services to be injected at run-time.  TrueView provides FilePersistenceService and NhibernatePersistenceServices out of the box.
  • IExportInfrastructureService replaces the old PrintProvider, and allows you to export data for any Domain Object
  • IPresenterInfrastructureService replaces the old IUiPresenter.  You can control the formatting, and well as providing custom ‘adornments’ to display

UI enhancements

  • Error indicators are now shown next to the property that caused them
  • Custom adornments can be rendered next to an item in the Explorer view
  • Better use of screen estate using multiple columns
  • Improved drag/drop tips now show why certain operations cannot be performed
  • Inline Object and List properties allow users to see more detail without having to drill-down manually.
  • Hyperlinks make it easier to navigate to associated Objects and Lists
  • Additional Enum display options include Slider and Radio-Options.
  • Enum items can be filtered using IQuerySpecification<T>
  • A new Export function replaces the old Print option

Check out the included sample code to learn about the new features.

P.S. There’s a new DomainTypes library available as well.