The latest release has some UI fixes for TrueView, and mapping fixes for DataBridge.  Download it here.

TrueView Fixes

  • UI now shows changes if entities are modified inside constructors
  • Corrected treenode selection when removing a previously selected node
  • Fixed race condition when opening Entity property nodes
  • Entity Property treenode no longer renders with the Entity’s style
  • Fixed window layout for magnetic windows
  • Fixed window positioning when overlaying windows
  • Correctly identifies the top-most window in multi-monitor mode
  • Exceptions when retrieving Summary value are no longer fatal
  • Fixed Search Results window ownership in MyApplication.Load<T>(query, parameters)
  • Shortcut key presses are now handled for multi-monitor mode


  • ‘Short’ values now have smaller widgets (Strings)
  • Improved ‘Version Check’ dialog messages

DataBridge Fixes

  • Corrected writing of Component properties
  • Fixed Foreign Key names for Entity properties of the same type