This release has some major UI rendering improvements, and a couple of enhancements to aid usability. TrueView DataBridge also has a couple of small fixes.  Download them here


  • Drag/drop tip now explains the drop action
  • Drag/drop tip now tries to stay on-screen, regardless of curson position
  • Now allows new entities to be added to unsaved parent entities
  • “Save This” tooltip now shows reason for being disabled (where applicable)
  • Removed duplicate results in Search window
  • Friendly names are now generated for generic lists
  • Improved icons bitmap scaling quality
  • Removed error messages when using IQuerySpecification with FilePersistence provider class


  • UI refresh now updates all Entities
  • Fixed stack overflow when tracking dirty entities in circular object graphs
  • Corrected tracking of entities that are removed from lists
  • Dynamic listbox ensures that property value is automatically loaded
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when pressing Enter in an empty Queries List
  • Fixed DataTimePicker background colour on Windows Vista
  • Removed system beeps when entering/exiting edit controls (NumericUpDown is still a problem)
  • Correct sizing of PropertyGrid columns
  • Corrected enabled state for “Save This” menu item
  • Corrected bold text clipping in Search treeview
  • Allow NHibernate to use reflection-optimizer if configured to do so
  • Menu and toolbar items are now updated if Undo/Redo fails
  • Better alignment of Boolean radio-buttons
  • Better sizing of bitwise(flag) enum listbox
  • String compacting algorithm no longer creates null-terminated strings


  • Massive improvements to UI rendering performance
  • Reduced startup time in MyApplication.Initialise (i.e. for unit testing)
  • FilePersistence now flushes to disk less frequently
  • Improved string building performance

Known issues:

  • NumericUpDown editor still beeps when Enter is pressed
  • Search Query Editor window doesn’t hide Boolean editors immediately (need to hit Escape twice)